About this site

A Website of Resources in English on
Gadamer’s Philosophical Hermeneutics,
his Life (1900-2002) and Other Writings

Resources that this Website will provide:


  1. Lists of Books

    1. List of the 20 Books in English by Gadamer himself   (with Tables of Contents indicating original publication date for each item) published 1975-2009
    2. Books in English about (and in favor of) Gadamer and his philosophy
    3. Books by People who Disagree with Gadamer and his philosophy (mostly German)
  2. Gadamer’s Articles in English that appear in his books

    1. List of Gadamer’s books that contain his articles and lectures          
    2. List of articles, with translator, book location, date of translation     
              (A. is chronologically and B. alphabetically arranged)
  3. Biographies of Gadamer.

    1. Short Short Account of Gadamer’s Life (1900-2002) by Websitarian
    2. Review: Biography of Gadamer in German and English by Jean Grondin
    3. Review: Biography of Gadamer in German by Donatella Di Cesari
  4. Bibliography: Review of Etsuro Makita’s Gadamer-Bibliographie (1922-1944).

  5. Articles  by Websitarian:

    1. "Eight Reasons Why Gadamer’s Philosophical Hermeneutics is Exciting and Important"
    2. “36 Areas of Study where Philosophical Hermeneutics Could be Relevant”
  6. Forthcoming books and meetings on Gadamer

    1. Consequences of Gadamer, ed. Santiago Zabala and Jeff Malpas
    2. Gadamer Meeting in Freiburg in July
    3. North American Society for Philosophical Hermeneutics in Sept.
  7. Recent and forthcoming articles by Gadamer scholars (send me info!)

  8. A Little-Known Source of Photographs of Gadamer Heidelberg Occasions:

    1. Mr. Koch
    2. Grondin biography contains many pictures
  9.  Still Living Sources of Gadamer information:

    1. His daughter Andrea,
    2. Christa Hornung (his secretary),
    3. Carsten Dutt,
    4. Jean Grondin,
    5. Donatella De Cesari,
    6. Jim Risser,
    7. Others
  10. For beginners: “How to get started. . .”

  11. Review Questions

    1. on Truth and Method (1960, trans. 1975)
    2. on The Relevance of the Beautiful (1975, trans. 1986)
    3. on “The Artwork in Word and Image” (1992, trans. 2007)